Improv 201 Practice Group with Mike Marbach

By PHIT Comedy Training Center (other events)

Saturday, December 2 2017 12:00 PM 2:00 PM

Next to learning and watching, the best way to get better at improv is through practice. Improv 201 Practice Groups are designed as a supplement to your Improv 201 class. Each practice session focuses on skills learned in previous weeks, which reinforcing the ideas taught in class and allows you to practice thhose concepts through more scenework. In addition to getting more scene reps, Improv Practice Groups allow you to meet students from other classes and study with many different instructors from across the PHIT staff. If you are a graduate of Improv 201 then 201 practice groups can serve as a workshop to hone your skills with game, 2nd beats, and more as well as simply stay sharp when you are in between classes.
Prerequisite: Currently enrolled in Improv 201 or Graduate of PHIT Improv 201

Improv 201 practice groups have a minimum enrollment of 6 students. If the minimum enrollment is not met by 5pm on the Friday before the scheduled practice session, the practice session will be canceled and students will be refunded. Please be sure to check the practice groups page on the PHIT site for practice group status before heading out

Current Session Students (with student pass): $5.00
Past Session Students (without student pass) $20.00
Advanced online registration required! Instructor will not accept cash at the door.

Reharsal Room C (through the lobby in the basement)

Mailing Address

2030 Sansom Street Philadelphia, PA 19103